I've been following Kllo's music journey pretty much since band's inception. The Australian cousin duo have "traveled" through various genres in their career so far and I have to say - time and time again Chloe and Simon never disappoint.

Their latest release, a song called "Nylon" is one of the most beautiful, soothing, electro-driven ballads.

Speaking of the track, the guys share:

'Nylon is the most minimal track off the album. It was originally a production driven uk-inspired pop song but as we progressed with it, we stripped it back more and more to eventually end up with a piano ballad.

It is about disorientation when growing older, but with a mind still too young to take on the serious commitments of what's in front of you - and how suffocating it can be to try and hold yourself up to those expectation.'

The track is going to be part of their debut full length album Backwater (October 20th) out via Ghostly International (North America), Different Recordings (Europe, Japan) & Good Manners Records (AU/NZ, ROW). Definitely a record to be excited about.

posted by Ivo
September 2017