This weekend's been kinda gloomy/cloudy and I've been digging hard into downtempo/trip-hop music - it suits the weather outside so well.

Enters Kloyd with her ethereal electronica, with the help of singer/producer t l k. "Eye of it All" will completely mesmerize you with its drum pattern, spacey synths, airy strings, and hazy vocals. Kloyd explains the meaning behind it, "Eye of it All" is about being present at the moment and connecting with our surroundings - even though life is really tough at times, we must make the most of what we have and keep going. A bittersweet encouragement to any listener."

This is the 1st single & the opening track of Kloyd's upcoming Høurglass EP which will explore the topic of "life fleeting by with a pressure to achieve what are regarded as 'societal' expectations." Make sure to watch the music video, too:

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