I was writing this post while desperately trying to fit  in the tiny space between two rows on a bus and it just felt weird! Meanwhile, Kodak to Graph started playing on my Soundcloud and I looked up towards the aisle between the seats. It was 5:30 pm and sun was gently going down, omitting a warm, yet mysterious red light which pierced the whole bus all the way to the back. The vehicle was rushing through hills and verdant forests and everything in this very moment was in perfect harmony with the music playing in my headphones.

Kodak in Graph, like many other chillwave projects nowadays, is the work of a single person – Michael Maleki. His music is relaxing, cardiac and very cozy. He recently teamed up with Bad Panda Records and according to his page, they will be releasing a single every month in 2013!

posted by Ivo
February 2013