In the Asian mythology, the Fox is a common figure of folktales. Foxes are intelligent beings and their spirit can switch forms. Sometimes portrayed as a cuning figure, Foxes generally embody faithfulness and wisdom. In Japan, they are called Kitsune. In China, people name it Huli jing; whereas in Korea they're known under the word Kumiho.

Having growing up in China for some times, "Fox Tales" reminds me of all the stories I've been told of. It encompasses all the sweetness, fantasy and curiosity of my childhood. It reminds me of the colorful xìqǔ (Chinese Opera) that brings old legends to life; mixing traditional music, dances and acting.

"Fox Tales" in itself is a little journey through Koloto's imagination. It starts off softly with few piano notes. Then percussions get along the way, slowly driving your mind onto the path of a Miyazaki's character. After a little break, the peculiar sound of South-Asian xylophon takes you to the dreamy landscape of Mount Fuji or the Great Wall.

The song is the opening track of The Mechanica EP by Koloto. Koloto is actually the electronica side-project of Maria Sullivan, who plays the bass in the British math-rock band Delta Sleep.
To me, electronic music has rarely sounded as much organic as under the inspired hands of Sullivan.
If you haven't got your fill here, listen to the whole EP: music disorientation has never sounded that close to perfection.

posted by Noemie
August 2014