I'm on fire. There's so much damn good music today! And from people already featured on the fox, which is always a nice feel, you know - to sense that continuation and growth of the artist.

I've always associated Andrew Rothschild with elegant and spaced out electronic music. Fun fact - he is also a live visual & light production technician, besides talented musician. His Pronoia (2020) album was one of my year's highlights back then. His ability to blend genres and create dream-like, yet empowering music is unmatched in my book.

Closing my morning feature session with Koresma's spacious remix of Andrew Rothschild's "Royal". Center-pieced around those vocal elements, this version is a ray of positive energy channeled your way, Internet friends.

And yes, you've guessed - another Loci Records release. Too much goodness today.

posted by Ivo
March 2022