A new Koresma day is a good day.

And he and Axel Mansoor got to create something so hypnotising and relaxing - "Snow Globe". Fusing gentle acoustic guitar with synths, percussions and vocal harmonies from Axel.

“Snow Globe” mimics a snow globe in the way things are slowly moving and suspended in time, Koresma shares.

We started this track while I was visiting LA late one night in Axel's studio. The song came together in a matter of hours. I was messing with synth patch on my laptop and Axel started singing/playing the perfect line for the track. I worked on some details after the session back home in my studio, but all the core elements and arrangement were recorded in one night.

"Snow Globe" is the forth single of Koresma's upcoming North EP.

posted by Nasko
November 2019