Koresma is always good news in my books. I've been feeling a little underwhelmed with new music, so the producer's new release comes right on time. And this new release is a vibe.

Koresma teamed up with Matt May and the track blends perfectly the production styles of the two. It's a chill pill, but with so much soul and passion. I mean, can we talk about that guitar solo midway through the track?!

“That Vibe” is the first single from Koresma and Matt May’s upcoming collaborative EP called “Set Us Free”. The EP was born in quarantines and lockdowns, hence such a fitting name. Way to stay relevant and I'm happy to see that musically so many good things are coming out of permanent isolation. "That Vibe" gives us a good taste of the EP which took influence from the blues, R’n’B, and electronic music. Excited to hear more!

posted by Anna
February 2021