Santa Cruz-based multi-instrumentalist KR3TURE is known for his vibrant sound; each track in his discography is woven with a characterful charm. Released on Westwood Recordings, "Slowly" featuring Kayla Diana is the lead track off his upcoming album On The Brink, which hits streaming services on November 5th.

Opening with a disjointed chord progression, the vocals are given room to make their mark. They ring out bold and seductive, laying out the mood of the track as percussion builds around them:

Give it to me slowly,
I wanna take this inside,
I ain't goin' nowhere,
I wanna take my time

KR3TURE - "Slowly" feat. Kayla Diana

"Slowly" is a fitting name. Laid back and relaxed, the piece has an air of swagger about it as it cruises through it's various twists and turns. Warm guitars and lush synths lap against the drums like waves, filling out the empty space and submerging the listener. All the while, the vocals from the intro repeat hypnotically, driving home their mantra.

As mentioned, KR3TURE'S forthcoming album On The Brink releases November 5th on Westwood Recordings. For now though, sit back and enjoy the appetiser:

posted by Rob
October 2020