When we sat down with Krafty Kuts in the summer of 2018, he told us he was cooking up an EP certain to bring back The Funk. We wanted to know what The Funk is, so we asked him straight up. In his own words, 'The Funk' is an extraordinary, ever-changing form of magic:

It's like a tree with loads of different fruits, because loads of different things come out of it. And it can spawn loads of unique styles and sounds ... it can take it down drum n' bass, it can take it down house, it can take it down hip hop, and it can take it down a more latin route, too. So it just has these elements that are.... big. For me, it personifies everything I love about music. If it's got a funky beat, then I am all about it.

In his newest release Fresh Ingredients EP, Krafty exemplifies the versatility of The Funk and beyond with a fully-loaded electric adventure exploring his classic breaks to more aggressive forms of glitch hop and dubstep to experimental sounds. Among his mission to bring The Funk back, he's put put his watermark, ever-evolving sound with styles we've never seen from him before.

"Rollin" showcases a sound we've seldom heard from Krafty himself before and it demonstrates just how serious he is about leveraging the infinite nature of music by continuously unlocking his abilities. This track keeps us guessing with crisp bass synths and syncopation ultimately capitalizing on the anticipation it builds with elongated, serene choral elements.

Stream Fresh Ingredients EP by Krafty Kuts via Westwood Recordings on all major platforms here.

posted by Mike
December 2018