Inspiring music and truly talented artists - this is what Stereofox stands for. It’s a real thrill every time we discover an upcoming artist and it makes us really excited to have the opportunity to share new music with you.

Today is not an exception. I’m so glad to present a great upcoming artist who will easily steal your neo-soul-loving hearts.

She is from Brooklyn and has the special ability to spread joy, love and good vibes through everything she does. If you don’t trust me, listen to her track “Breathe”, taken from her debut album Joi, which she wrote, produced, mixed and mastered by herself. The track radiates joy, warmth and authenticity, which are skillfully reflected in the video, which Kristen directed and edited herself:

 Regarding the album, Kristen shares:

 While I have been proud of all of the music I have released up to this point, this album is unique, and symbolizes a grand shift for me as a musician. A shift in my music, where through abundant joy, I have found my sound and leaned into it with great delight. Joi is an album narrating stories of growth and self-discovery, through love, pain, loss, curiosity, fearlessness, and of course, radiant joy. These songs inspire me to move, dance, sing along, cry - each with a message embedded within it that I need to be reminded of. That, I think, we could all afford to be reminded of every once in a while - that there is no shame at all in deeply feeling and deeply expressing. I want to spread as much love, joy, and self-expression as possible in this world, and this album is my first take at doing so.

Highlighted by organic, lush instrumentation, captivating melodies and led by Kristen’s distinctive voice and clever songwriting, the album is definitely something you should check out:

posted by Nora
September 2021