A few days ago I stumbled upon Aruarian Records's 2018 compilation I will never forget you and I was mind-blown. First, by the fact that I missed such an extraordinary compilation featuring so many of my favourite producers. Secondly, because of the quality of the those 12 beats.

My first step towards the I will never forget you journey starts with Kupla's "Passenger". The gentle, piano driven 2 minute long soundwave belts over so many genres and emotions, it's unbelievable. While the track starts really mellow and somehow minor-sounding, the motif throughout most of the song is so... reminds me of an old western movie with cowboys. It's the kind of track I would listen to while laying down staring at the night sky while camping in the vast prairie somewhere far away.

Stream the full compilation below. Support / get links from other platforms here.

posted by Ivo
July 2018