British producer and recently a singer-songwriter Kwes. released his debut album "ilp." (pronounced illp) today and it turned out to be a damn good listen, so I decided to share the very first track released off this album back in August. Hope it is going to be convincing enough.

Last year's Meantime EP proved that Kwesi Sey is doing a great job not only behind the scenes producing stuff, but also standing in front of the microphone.

Kwesi's music is this experimental blend of electronic music, pop, R&B and whatnot. Pretty lovable blend. "36" is a very ethereal and smooth track to open an album with. I absolutely love the composition of the track: strong drums and piano riffs in the intro and then we only hear the vocals backed by drums. This collation of fullness and minimalism is probably what I like the most.

Even though the track feels like a very typical love song, it is actually an ode to Kwes.'s grandparents and 36 was their house number. Repeating "I love you both" in the end of the track makes me go AWWWW.

posted by Anna
October 2013