The death of young Pittsburgh-native and hip hop sensation Mac Miller is difficult to process right now. Growing up in Pittsburgh myself, I remember how Mac was celebrated heavily as his witty, authentic style began to break out into the main stage with his mix tape K.I.D.S and debut album Blue Slide Park. Mac gained respect around the city for a humble upbringing in Pittsburgh's Point Breeze neighborhood which found spots in his songs showcasing imagery of our hometown for the world to hear. Pittsburgh felt it then and they're feeling it now. We all are.

Mac's talent as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and rapper earned him a spot with veterans like fellow-Pittsburgher Wiz Khalifa and, in just over a decade, the young soul had accomplished worlds in his career fitting into to his own shoes with a live band. His hard work, music, and message resonates throughout the world, even more now as people grieve the beloved artist.

To aid in this moment of heartache, French producer Laster pays sonic respect as a creator himself who'd been touched by Mac's work. His somber instrumental tribute to the late artist was composed in the middle of a studio session shortly after hearing the news of Mac's passing. In this intense moment, Laster effortlessly channeled his feelings into musical form with the somber instrumental "For Mac". This song notably honors Mac in the chords from the Wurlitzer Electronic Piano, which Mac often used in his songs. The rest is Laster's carefully-selected melodic arrangement to enable a moment of sadness and grief to pass through.

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posted by Mike
September 2018