As I've mentioned in a previous post, I've come to learn that France is a hiphop nation of sorts. From all over the nation, influential artists have created a french electro hiphop sound like the infamous hiphop group Hocus Pocus and the resulting electro hiphop quartet C2C. Other names have found a place in the french electronic hiphop sound in recent years, like duo The Geek x VRV out of Paris as well as producers like Ours Samplus and Mounika. who continue to find new angles on producing electro hiphop with a european twist.

I noticed recently that there's a small assembly of beat creators coming out of the southern city of Toulouse under independent label Misrishi Records. My ears were recently introduced to a guitarist/beatmaker by the name of Laster, whose track "Smooth" we've already featured on Stereofox. This track originally stood out to me for the blues guitar licks and sax that gave a euphoric feel brought out further by nasty beats.

After some light digging, I discovered Laster's recent beat tape, which includes instrumentals and sampling over beat composition.  Among the tracks inside of Laster's Beat Tape Vol. 1 is another smooth track of playful guitar riffing harmonized by dreamy melodies on top of punchy hiphop beats . The diversity of this beat tape demonstrated to me that the names from the south are creating a unique interpretation of the french hiphop sound.

Recently announced was Laster's second beat tape entitled Beat Tape Vol. 2 out on the 25th of April. Keep your eyes on the lookout for it via the Lasterbeats soundcloud page. In the meantime, go check out the rest of the label'S lineup via the Misrishi Records soundcloud page.

P.S. Check the download link at the top to snag this beat tape on a "name your price" basis
posted by Mike
March 2017