The soundcloud suggested tracks algorithm pulled some wicked moves on me the other day, which handed me "Smooth" by Toulouse-based producer Laster.  I did a bit more digging and discovered that Laster is not only a very talented guitarist, but also the co-founder of a label/collective based that had a compilation featuring artists we've covered like Birocratic, Ian Ewing, and ProbCause, to name some.

As we avidly follow beatmakers here at Stereofox, I knew I had to share this. I am not surprised to hear such a sound coming out of the nation of France, as I've come to know this land especially partial to instrumental/electronic. Among french beatmakers like The Geek x VRV, Mounika., Ours Samplus, and heavy-hitters C2C, Laster is now added to my favorites out of France for his talent in blues and funk guitar over thoughtfully-crafted arrangements of beats, bass, and synths. Starting out more chilled, the song drops into a movement of weaving between guitar and the tenor sax effectively injecting positivity into the monotonous perception of winter.

Laster is a producer to keep your eyes on with a BeatTape release during 2016 and multiple tracks like this one out on Misrishi Records.

posted by Mike
December 2016