"First Light" was pretty much love at first sight for me. Or rather love at first listen.

Lawrence Hart is a new name for me, but upon digging a bit more, I realized that he has collaborated with some of my favourite producers (think, George Fitzgerald and Lil Silva) and is generally a well-established producer, which also shines through his solo sound.

"First Light" is an emotional journey, I am feeling all the feels while listening to it. While the track is full of emotions, it still gets you moving and grooving. The production and instrumentals are top-notch: the track builds up with the help of echoing vocals and synths, but then the strings kick in, and it's all just pure magic.

The track is part of his brand new Music For Dark Spaces EP released via Attack Decay Sweet Release Records. The release delves into the interplay between light and shadow in music, and how the listener's experience is influenced by their surroundings, both physically and psychologically. Lawrence was inspired to explore this concept when he relocated his studio halfway through the production process. His initial studio was a dim, windowless room, while his new space was bright and filled with natural light, hence the juxtaposition.

posted by Anna
March 2023