Here comes a day I was waiting for for so long!

I'm so stoked to finally present the full Sequence 02 EP Leena did together with Kamen - 4 mesmerizing contemporary r&b songs that vary from slow (like the single "Planet 333") through mid-tempo, to more upbeat.

Leena elaborates: I explore some of my traumas and I meet my alter ego in the middle and take it as far as the Twelfth Dimension.”

If you feel like Thursday is already kind of the end of the week, here comes a gorgeous reason to go out - "Club Ego". The fresher side of the EP, it kicks off with a clubby beat, uplifting vocals and thought-provoking lyrics - but with an awesome cloudy touch towards the end.

Listen to the full project on all platforms here.

posted by Nasko
November 2022