In this ode to James Brown, six-piece funk force Lettuce brings jazz-infused breaks with dashes of undeniably funky flavors. "Mr Dynamite" is a unique chapter in the making of their latest record Resonate, as it was originally a pre-take jam that "got dope", according to the band's sax player Ryan Zoidis.

Thanks to this band's method of playing as a unit in the studio (as well as a studio engineer who recorded the jam), tracks like this come to life on Resonate. Subtle features of the Lettuce sound show themselves in this track from the cyborg saxophone filtered through an Korg X-911 analog synthesizer over a bouncy, deeply-rooted musical pocket built seamlessly by all band members.

Their latest album Resonate explores various musical stories of the band's 25+ years together. Give it a listen below:

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posted by Mike
June 2020