Remixes are always exciting, but when you get a remix of a cover? Man, that's a new tier of creative filtering. East Coast beatmaker Flamingosis throws in some funk-ception with his remix of Lettuce's "Remember The Children" -- an ode to one of their inspirations: Earth, Wind & Fire.

Lettuce's cover comes straight off of their Spring 2020 record Resonate and is notable for an explosive re-imagination of the past. Stylistically, their cover brings that infectious hip hop-funk concoction with a firey funkin' sax solo.

Flamingosis shifts gears in his remix with his signature bossa nova hip hop style creatively intertwining sample chops throughout. The solo becomes the chorus and so on and he layers the original drum grooves with his own grooves, as well. Paying respect to the lineage, yet dosing it with his own chemical infusion.

Lettuce's 2020 record Resonate recently got a slight re-imaging through some prominent beat producers, including instrumental counterparts Birocratic and Cloudchord in Resonate Remixed.

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posted by Staff
January 2021