One thing to know about Lettuce funk is their diverse, yet collective influences which siphon through each album. Their Spring 2020 release Resonate, which was recorded in parallel with their 2019 album Elevate, showcases a number of tributes to their greats following a 2017 tribute album to Miles Davis.

In Resonate, we receive a special moment of studio jamming in "Mr. Dynamite" in a tribute to James Brown. It doesn't stop there in Resonate, as the band brings in one of their major influences into a full funk rebirth with a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's "Remember The Children".

This time, Lettuce brings a full-power resonance for this cover. While the trumpet and sax replicate the EWF timbre, versatile vocalist and key player Nigel Hall jumps into character bringing EWF's lead vocalist Maurice White to life. On top of that, we get the notable immersive backing vocals.

This tight coordinate of Funk Rebirth brings Lettuce's knife-edge with a hair-raising bionic sax solo, technical drum grooving, nasty guitar riffage, and precise key stabs.

Stream Lettuce's Resonate below:

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posted by Mike
August 2020