This gem has been in the works for a few months now and I can't express how happy I am that it's finally out.

Our dear Bulgarian, London-based singer Lina Nikol & Sofia producer Boyan crafted the wonderful soul/r&b A Mood Called "You" EP earlier this year. After amazing success, including airplay on BBC & features on New Music Friday UK, the EP received makeovers from a stellar team - Moods & El Train, which are now joined by Misha & TromBobby for the full A Mood Called "You" Remixes.

It's impossible to pick a fav because they're all outstanding but Misha's take on "Tell Me Is It Worth It" is absolutely worth (pun intended) checking out. The already fresh original got a groovy/funky makeover, with the Finnish producer's signature warm vibe. Plus, a lovely brass surprise towards the end.

“I absolutely love "Tell Me Is It Worth It". The original version was so good, that it was quite a challenge to come up with the remix. I tried to make my version a bit faster and take it more on the dancefloor. I would describe it as slow disco/boogie-influenced R&B. If you like Tuxedo or Kaytranada, you might dig this as well!”, he shared.

The full project offers a variety of takes on neo-soul, from jazz, through bossa-nova, all the way to afro-soul & dance. Make sure to show it some love here.

Stereofox · Lina Nikol & Boyan - A Mood Called "You" Remixes
posted by Nasko
August 2023