NYC sample synthesizer Blockhead and electro hip hopper Eliot Lipp have joined forces under the Lipphead moniker. Their two-track release Lipphead from 2019 brought the best of each with sample-heavy, experimental grooves for the mind to snack on.

Today, the 2019 EP receives a facelift where the two veterans welcome in two voices of sample-based electronic hip hop of today: producers Derlee and Daily Bread of Philos Records.

Pittsburgh producer Derlee brings a new spin on "Just to Prove" in a creative re-arrangement, even adding some samples himself. This one gets a dusty disco re-groove that respects the original's exciting elements.

Lipphead Remixed is a collaboration between two labels in the sample-based electronic beats game: Young Heavy Souls & Philos Records. This release comes out everywhere digitally, but includes a limited-release 7" 45 RPM vinyl records

Stream/buy Lipphead Remixed here.

Buy a limited-release 7" 45 of Lipphead Remixed here.

posted by Mike
August 2020