We first introduced Lipphead back in 2020 when Mike skillfully watched their funky wave thanks to "Just to Prove".

Lipphead is the creative child of industry legends Blockhead and Eliot Lipp who specialize in crafting playful instrumental hip-hop creations that explore diverse musical realms. Releasing through Michigan-based label Young Heavy Souls, the duo showcases a distinct and unique sonic style, drawing from their abundant musical talent and experience. Illustrated by artist Maddison Chaffer, the titular Lipphead character serves as the group’s mascot and as a tongue-in-cheek personification of the duo’s fused styles.

Their latest sonic delight "Studio 69" blends old-school funky elements with house and hip hop music. It's basically hard to get any better. What I loved the most about the tune is the slow and teasing build-up that the duo has crafted. I appreciate how delicately they introduce each small element until we have a full-fledge disco banger in front of us.

posted by Ivo
July 2023