Oh boy. I've been waiting for a chance to feature some Liquid Stranger. The Swedish-born, Arizona-based producer has sent shockwaves through the constantly-evolving scene of bass-heavy tunes for well over a decade. Now he's done it again with a 30-track LP entitled Infinity out now on his own label Wakaan.

It's interesting, because there are only a select number of tracks that I can safely feature without bombing our song feed. "Prime" is one of them, along with others like "Midvinter" featuring his younger sister on vocals, and both embody signature Liquid Stranger sensations and sounds. "Prime" speaks on behalf of his melodic, yet bass-engulfed style to trip hop laying down synth arpeggios, breaks, and more throughout.

"Prime" opens the gates of Infinity as the first full track and prepares us for the fun house of a familiar, yet evolved form of Liquid Stranger. The album keeps us constantly guessing hurling intense sound architecture and lyrics right at our face, while absent of predictable riser-to-drop formats. This one remains inviting, yet unforgiving at times, all while giving ample breathing room. Prepare to exercise your face muscles in a storm of excitation, bewilderment and beyond. Stream Infinity below:

posted by Mike
February 2019