After “Rolling Stone”, “Introvert” and “Woman” the fourth song from Little Simz’s upcoming LP Sometimes I Might Be Introvert has successfully landed. It’s called “I Love You, I Hate You”.

Besides the great instrumental and the impeccable bar delivery, what makes this song very special is the fact that it’s extremely personal. Little Simz explores some conflicted feelings for her father, while also reflecting on her purpose in terms of music. The London rapper shares:

My producer Inflo asked me, what do you love and what do you hate? I knew the answer immediately, but I was adamant I didn’t want to talk about it.

That’s understandable, even reflecting on things like that on your own is tough, let alone sharing those thoughts and feelings with the world. Little Simz offers an interesting perspective though.  She blends this very sensitive topic with her aspirations as a person, to express the connection between those two things: how the traumas that we receive when we are younger leave a mark on us and affect who we become and what do we want from life, as well as what makes us act and fight for something.

Furthermore, Simz’s mature mind acknowledges the complexity of balancing your desires with your responsibilities. The track is a masterpiece lyrically, as you might guess if you’re familiar with this brave and talented artist’s previous projects. Here is a tiny example of what you can expect:

Sometimes I'm unbalanced and I think, "Rah, why am I losing my steps?"
Lately, I'm paranoid, I feel my life is a mess
I'm just usin' my voice, hope it will have an effect
He was just once a boy, often I seem to forget
Lookin' at Polaroids of pictures secretly kept
You know what was destroyed but you don't know what was left...

The song comes with a cool visualizer, which you can watch below:

posted by Nora
July 2021