Listening to our new label release with Ingolf makes me excited about the summer nights by the campfire. The nights where you're with just a few good friends in nature and you can dive into those proper deep focus conversations. Don't get me wrong, I love being amongst more people, but personally, for me is a limit to the amount of people around me where I feel comfortable sharing and really exploring a personal topic.

“Under The Moonlight is a special track. Sitting outside under the bright moonlight on warm days is always magical. The moon has had a magical attraction for people for thousands of years. The track is a mixture of folk influences, subtle electronics and lofi vibes.

I tried to capture this special full moon mood, imagine a warm summer night, full moon under the starry sky. Just having a good time with friends, so it is also about friendship, shared experiences, nocturnal wonders, big dreams and the little things of everyday life that make life more beautiful.”, shares Ingolf.

I really enjoy how much he loves being connected to nature. We speak from time to time (outside of the label stuff), and I know like me he loves surfing. Maybe that's one of the reasons I feel I know him in person, while we've never met. Always a pleasure having him on board!

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posted by Ivo
April 2022