A new neo-soul artist in this warm Sunday - what more can I ask from life?

Lo Artiz is sweeter than cotton candy, but her powerful voice will make you tremble.

"Kick Back", a piece that flawlessly blends soulful vocals, jazz & smooth beatwork, is written and produced by Lo herself. She explains:

It's a song about being a boss lady by day and a wild woman by night. It's about desiring a no-strings-attached kind of relationship because you're already in a committed one & it is to yourself. It's for the independent goal-getting women who aren't willing to compromise themselves for anyone but still like to have their fun when the work is done.

"Kick Back" is the first track off her Wild Woman EP, which was actually crowdfunded. And I think it's worth every penny each person spent, because, well, this magic should be accessible to the world.

posted by Nasko
January 2020