Good morning, Internet friends.

Because Mondays tend to be rather stressful, we've got the perfect remedy for you to start this week with a feeling of calmness and pure, innocent joy.

I am beyond excited to have our mate fnonose back on the label, and this time Martin brings a talented friend. LOKY is a beatmaker and saxophone player from Austria and together they crafted one of the most heart-warming guitar-driven beats we've released in a while. A composition called "Last Time".

"I wanted to create a spacey atmosphere, the song should give the listeners a lot of freedom, the lush melodies should guide the listeners through their thoughts. Martin did an outstanding job, he really fulfilled my vision of this track", shares LOKY.

Personally, I find this as one of the most blissful ways to start the new 2023 year. Guitar licks, lofi ambiance, and the feeling of calmness are just a few of the beautiful traits of "Last Time". Stream the song on all major streaming platforms here.

posted by Ivo
January 2023