In this harmonious transcontinental blend, the musical collaboration between these two talented producers and multi-instrumentalists LOKY and Lotus Beats shines in their latest creation titled "Urban Distance".

The song is a captivating lo-fi masterpiece that beautifully melds together gentle piano keys and laid-back beats, all soothingly complimented with soulful melodies and emotive guitar riffs by Lotus Beats. Lotus' contribution to the track has added an extra layer of emotive depth, creating a musical atmosphere that envelops listeners in a warm embrace, perfectly suited for cozying up during chilly November days.

Throughout the creative process, a lot of fresh ideas came to my mind. I reworked the track over and over again. It was a really fun and challenging process to actually get to the final result! I am very happy that Ben (Lotus Beats) joined in and came up with some great guitar parts.” - LOKY

I loved recording the guitar over this track. The feeling is meditative, reflective, and an all-around vibe.“ - Lotus Beats

"Urban Distance" is now available on all DSPs, released via Stereofox Records. Stream/buy here.

posted by Boris
November 2023