The elegance of Lord Sko’s lyricism is beautifully complimented by the chic instrumental we’re acquainted with on his recent release “Jumpshot”.

The ties Hip hop has with Basketball go way back and on “Jumpshot” Lord Sko highlights the many parallels between the Hip hop grind and being a hooper. Throughout the 2 minute run time, we’re given a peak into the story of the NY based-rapper and where his head is at as he makes his rise to fame. His forthcoming vocal delivery is the kind that’s authoritative and seamlessly commands our attention. When it comes to the beat, the strings adorned in the backdrop feel grandiose whilst the drums provide us with a comforting sense of nostalgia thanks to the 90’s influence that Sko wears proudly.

“Jumpshot” is among one of the many gems you’ll find in Lord Sko’s latest album MUSEUM – a body of work inspired by life in NYC and Classic Hip Hop. You can find the full album below:

posted by Lu
last month