Miles Davis is widely considered one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century. He was a master of multiple jazz styles, from bebop to fusion, and his work has had a lasting impact on jazz and popular music as a whole. Probably more than all of us can imagine. Throughout his career, Davis pushed the boundaries of jazz and helped to shape the course of music history with his innovative and visionary approach to the genre. He's many of your favourite artists' favourite artist and inspiration.

One cannot talk about jazz and not mention his name. In order to pay homage to his legacy, our mates at DashGo have been preparing a dope beat compilation that re-imagines his work. The rollout started gradually last year and is slowly building up towards what seems to be the absolute must-listen selection of talented producers.

Besides Louk and delaney.'s version of "Solar" (1954) which got released today, the team has unveiled some pretty dope collaborations many of which artists we love and respect here on Stereofox. Some of the singles we had the pleasure of listening to so far have been UKDD and Soul Food Horns' "Nardis".

Jazzinuf and Theo Lee's tight beat "Blue in Green",

Sebastian Kamae and MONODUKE's playful piano "All Blues" re-imagination,

And last, but not least - our label mates DESH, delaney., and Noé Mina joining forces for brush-stroke-inspired "Flamenco Sketches".

Some hype from the kitchen itself - other fellow Stereofox artists Peyotoff and TromBobby will be part of the talented team as well. More info to follow soon, but for now, you've got some beats to listen to.

posted by Ivo
January 2023