In those winter times (at least in the Northern hemisphere), heat is what we all seek.

So stoked to finally present the new 4-track Golden Hour EP by Bulgarian producer & music production teacher Low Heat.

After we've had the chance to enjoy "Universe" for over a month now, it's time for the full project - a West Coast-influenced boom bap journey, perfect for those late hours, at home or cruising on the streets.

Golden Hour EP is inspired by the calmness of the evening and the way it boosts one’s creativity. Synth-heavy but utterly smooth, the production also has warm vocal sampling, chimes, and rich sound design.

The focus track “Lotus” pays a tribute to the self-regeneration which happens overnight – and features one of the most mesmerizing bells you’ve ever heard.

I often find the evening to be the best time to dive into my creativity. I love the calmness and the lack of things that take your mind away from what you’re doing. And the golden hour kinda presses the start button of all this.

Warm yourself up with this 4-track beauty on your preferred platform here.

posted by Nasko
January 2022