Loyle Carner is someone who seems to get better with every release.

The South London rapper impressed last year on his debut EP, A Little Late and recently on Tom Misch's Beat Tape 2.

He shines once again with new single Tierney Terrace, an insightful and emotional look into the young emcees childhood life.

"Just off Brixton Hill, Tierney Terrace was where my grandparents lived," Carner explains. "It became a bit of a refuge for me when my mum was working late. I learnt a lot from both of them, and at times felt my grandfather was the only man I could look up to. I wrote this song a while back, after a run-in with my biological dad."

Carner’s splendid wordplay and thought provocating lyrics sparkle amidst slick guitar chords.

Simply put, it’s another stunner.

posted by Colin
September 2015