I'm a sucker for some autumnal melancholy. And at the right time, I resort to this not-so-popular-in-my-playlist genre - indie-folk.

Lu found Lucas Laufen a couple of years ago and he won all of us over with his gentle acoustic guitars and vocals as warm as the flames in the fireplace.

Careful French horn touches played by his sister and moving storytelling were beautifully mixed together with the rest and we've got "Time Took Tolls" as a result. Lucas elaborates:

I started writing this song on a train to South Tyrol last February amidst a really big touring schedule. I’d played 30 shows over the past two months and was pretty exhausted. Watching the mountains and valleys pass by the window instead of checking emails, I kind of got lulled into this state of meditation. It made me think of other times I’d felt this way over the past year. I scribbled out a timeline, and the words and melody started to roll around in my head.
I’m lucky enough to travel all the time and see a lot of beauty in the world. Sometimes I need a reminder to slow down and breathe everything in. It’s the way I can hold time properly instead of feeling like it’s slipping through my fingers. The modern world has rolled us into this unnatural state of anxiety when we’re constantly searching for the next big thing instead of prioritising important things like being present, listening and treading lightly.

The song will be paired with a heart-warming video following an elderly couple being confronted with time, set to release on 9 December.

posted by Nasko
December 2021