I am sure dinosaurs also thought they had enough time.

That's a sign I recently saw back here in Sofia, Bulgaria at the ongoing anti-government protests and I couldn't agree more.

Created in times of trouble, "Dinosaurs" is about how we could be on the brink of another mass extinction. It's the second track of the HOUSE EP, which came together by chance, during the lockdown. On May 5th, Lupe Fiasco was tagged on Twitter in the replies to a Tweet from Kaelin Ellis, a rising producer who had been posting clips of himself creating beats. The line stated "Get this to @LupeFiasco somehow”, so Lupe listened and liked the beat. Kaelin and Lupe began interacting over Twitter and a few weeks later, they had a 5 song EP.

Тhe title of the EP points to the fact that it was created at their own houses. Referring to a certain moment or period of one's life, as well as paying attention to detail, adds a special meaning to the thing and makes it intimate and personal. The art on this collaborative project features a painting of “The Glass House” painted by Peter Gellatly, the father of Lupe's friend Sky.

In the end, it's all about some smooth beats combined with fine rapping, so might as well just lay back and listen.

posted by Mira
August 2020