Westwood Recordings deserves a shout out for pushing remix albums like they do. Not only is it entertaining to hear where each producer takes each track, but we also get to see how the they pollinate each other's work with their unique styles.

In Maddy O'Neal's Dream State Remixes, Midwestern producer Artifakts takes her upbeat electro track "Freshies" in a direction unanticipated. Picking from some chords in the intro of the original track, Artifakts throws in a composition of clean synths, instrumental samples and high-fidelity bass lines for an energizing, early morning musical aroma.

In a distracted world where we gravitate toward our Songs To Do Stuff To playlists, Artifakts is one producer whose high-quality, electro-organic productions re-center attention to the power in the passing moment.

Stream Maddy O'Neal's Dream State Remixes below:

posted by Mike
May 2019