In their newest collaboration "Nuance", Makzo and SYNC.EXE have created a dreamy experience that'll have listeners feel like they're soaring on cloud 9.

The London-based producer Makzo has made a name for himself with his brand of chillhop that leans towards a spacey, futuristic aesthetic. Makzo's distinctive style has not only earned him releases on esteemed labels like Chillhop Music, PLYGRND, and College Music Records, but he has also collaborated with iconic artists such as Blu (of Blu & Exile) and The Kount. Like Makzo, SYNC.EXE - his partner in crime on "Nuance" - boasts a reputation that echoes far and wide in the beat scene with releases on Atlantic Chill, Effortless Audio, College Music Records, and more.


"SYNC sent me the main chords, then I just went all out. I wanted to create an atmosphere that was both chill but also had some ‘umph’ to it.” - Makzo

Their union on "Nuance" serves as a gateway into introspection and relaxation by virtue of the track's immersive charm. What I find fascinating throughout the experience is the paradox at play; the melodic section is adorned with an array of glossy, atmospheric textures while the rhythm section packs a punch with its rawness. The drums are off-kilter and through their "humanized" arrangement, Makzo pays homage and exhibits his influences from old-school luminaries like J Dilla.

Following impressive bass runs, a swelling synth solo marks the climax of "Nuance" - a moment you can't help being enamored by. This harmonious collaboration is an impressive illustration of crisp sound selection and thoughtful expression. "Nuance" was released by well-known beats and jazz-tronica label Radio Juicy, a German imprint championing the best in electronic and lo-fi instrumental music.

posted by Lu
October 2023