Malaramu and Tofa Jaxx join forces for a world-dominating collaboration that captures the timeless elegance and depth of soul music.

Malaramu is four musicians from different parts of the world who happened to meet to record together driven by their roots in funk, soul and r&b music. "Dreamer" is crafted with Tanzanian singer/songwriter Tofa Jaxx who sings in both English and Swahili and often blends nostalgic jazz elements with today's afro and electro pop.

"Dreamer" will take you on a psychedelic and fulfilling journey that pays homage to both old and new. The first time I heard the instrumentation I thought of Anderson .Paak - maybe because of the lush bass synths crafted by Malamaru. At the same time, Tofa Jaxx delivers vocals that are both inviting and expressive, channeling the spirit of legendary soul artists from the past while infusing a modern flair.

posted by Ivo
January 2024