Got you something really unique.

Really got hooked on the soul side of music today and this gem right here fuses not only that deep old-school soul feeling but also touches of blues & even synthwave, making it a song to remember.

The 4-piece band Malaramu is to blame, and the diversity in their music apparently comes from the fact they're from 3 completely different parts of the world - Portugal, Nigeria & Turkey. And if you listen carefully, you can catch the local ethnic influences of these places, intertwining beautifully in "Streets of Love". Woozy guitars, spacey synths & hazy vocals are a true dream combination.

"This interweaving of retro-funk and neo-soul is dedicated to all of us who believe that, despite obstacles and adversity, one day we will all walk the streets of love," they shared.

We'll definitely be on the look for their new music. "Streets of Love" is a release of our friends at DOLO.

posted by Nasko
May 2023