The latest project by Mama Auito (aka Benjamin McCarthy)  titled Well Rested in Peace, is probably the closest thing to a Chillhop project to be released in my home country of South Africa. Many of the instrumentals on here are bound to induce a brain-freeze as they’re exceptionally chilled, although there’s one in particular that nearly left me shivering with a cold.

Ironically, the track I’m talking about is titled ‘Fuzzy Brain’ and this is something that’d be sitting on repeat within your playlists. I believe it’s those dreamy keys and laidback drums which aid in creating such a gentle listening experience. The inclusion of rain texture cannot escape mention as it’s feeling certainly provides the track with a distinctive character. If you’re into artists such as Ian Ewing and Robot Orchestra, this is something you’d enjoy.  

posted by Lu
July 2019