Mammal Hands is the reason why jazz music is so exciting. On “Little One” they play with such a shot of pure energy and finesse that it is impossible not to like them, as long as you prefer your jazz smooth and subtle.

“Little One” is the last track off Mammal Hands’ latest LP Captured Spirits. In the context of the album, it puts the most satisfying finishing touch to a deep musical journey infused with atmosphere, unparalleled ambience and sheer beauty. However, I don’t think that means you should listen to the album from start to finish in order to appreciate the track. It works more than brilliant as a stand-alone composition, an example of the band’s feel and tonality.

Mammal Hands are a trio, comprised of saxophonist, pianist and a drummer. It is the most basic of jazz formations, and yet they somehow find a way to invigorate the genre without showing off or attempting to revolutionize it. The band relies on atmosphere and ambience, as much as it does on musicianship and structure. That being said, they deliver in both aspects.    

“Little One” unfolds slowly and gradually, and it feels like a masterful artist painting right before your eyes. It’s a tender and beautiful composition. It’s music at its best.

posted by Dimitar
March 2021