Maribou State's second full length album is just around the corner! Kingdoms in Colour  is scheduled for official release on September 7th and today we're exploring another piece of the journey.

After their collab with Khruangbin titled "Feel Good", Chris and Liam share something slightly different, but equally awesome. "Nerveous Tics" features a field recording running throughout the track of Chris and Liam in a music store in Beijing playing the Guzheng - a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. The guys share...

"It’s always felt like the Frankenstein moment of the album due to all the unorthodox parts that were glued together during the process”, but the end result was something that felt cohesive and exciting to us."

The song features vocals from band's longtime collaborator Holly Walker. I must admit - her voice is what really hooked me on the track and the guys are doing the best to provide the perfect "stage" for her abilities. Her thoughts on "Nervous Tics" are quite eye-opening:

"...[the song] is about the low-lying panic of modern life. We’re all on our phones getting terrible news headlines and hyperreal Instagram images livestreamed into our brains, and it’s making us jumpy. This song is the realisation that no amount of mindful breathing or downward dog can replace some good old fashioned human contact and emotion.”

posted by Ivo
August 2018