What a coincidence that in those troubled times of lockdowns, where the best thing to do is not to go out, we're blessed with Marie Dahlstrom's new single "Home With You".

The slow jam, infused with her soulful silky vocals and a g-funk-like section from Dan Diggas (who also works with Mahalia), will surely make you feel cosy. Marie explains:

I wanted to write about flaws in a kind and positive way. I wanted to hone in on what makes us who we are. The absence of something in a person’s life, makes room for the presence of something else. "Home With You" is a song about celebrating honesty and compassion in love, even if it isn’t always easy.

In another context, having to stay home also makes room for activities that we never find time for in the hectic everyday life - being them crafts, self-improvement, tidying your house or simply spending quality time with your loved ones. So, let's make the best out of this.

posted by Nasko
March 2020