When I listen to lofi and chillhop music, I often "travel" through different producers and styles. As many people take the single-based approach, . Every once in a while, however, there's this project that completely takes my mind over. A composition of tracks so perfectly blended, I just can't move forward.

That's what happened with MARTIN $KY's new release In Real Time (released via Radio Juicy). The Chicago-based producer has put together a flawlessly fluid collection of 14 beats, each more captivating than the other one. If you ever want to find yourself daydreaming, just simply his the play button and drift away. My choice of the night is album's opening track, although you need to experience the whole sonic journey.

The album takes you on a trip inside Martin's imagination, with a perfect flow you'll find yourself on a smooth ride to heaven. The vibes are heartwarming and positive, a much-needed feeling in an otherwise harsh and rowdy world we live in.

Besides Martin, the release features a plethora of talented producers like Sebastian Kamae, autumn keys, leaf beah, chief and vhsceral. Stream the full beat tape below.

Also, the artwork is just mad props.

posted by Ivo
June 2020