Masego is a multi-talented musician/producer based out of Virginia, but most certainly, he is best known for his skills on the sax. No stranger to the game, he has put out an incredible number of great releases, as well as collaborated with dozens of other artists we've featured including DEFFIE, StarRo, Medasin, and many more. In fact, you might even find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of tracks Masego has under his belt. That’s one reason that I think one of my favorite tracks, “Colorblind”, often gets overlooked.

What started as a low-key and stripped down piano cover of John Mayer’s “Stop This Train” by singer-songwriter Marie Dahlstrom later grabbed the attention of Oshi, a London-based producer with a knack for turning anything he touches into gold. It was no surprise that his beat-infused remix transformed Marie’s cover into vibe material.

I was already in heaven after listening to Oshi’s version of the track, but when Masego came across Oshi’s remix and further pumped life into the track with some well-placed saxophone riffs, it was instantly evident that the young multi-instrumentalist had added a key element that no one even realized was missing.

To call “Colorblind” beautiful would be a gross understatement, but what truly inspires me from the track is how each artist added their own bit of flair, from what started as a simple cover, to create something exponentially bigger than just themselves.

posted by Staff
December 2016