Well, J Dilla impresses all of us. But what Matt Wilde did with his inspiration amazed us.

The UK keyboardist & producer paid homage to one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time and gave it an amazing jazz touch - with playful keys, hazy trombone, and Matt's warm drums. He shares:

One day when I was a teenager, I was recommended some of J Dilla's music on YouTube. I listened to his beat 'Ahmad Impresses Me' on repeat. Every time the loop went round I heard something new and I had a deep connection to the music. Then I found out about the record he sampled to make that track, which was a record by Ahmad Jamal called 'The Awakening'. I spent that evening listening to the whole album and the next day I started learning jazz piano seriously, and I've never looked back.

"Dilla Impresses Me" is out via Root Records.

posted by Nasko
September 2021