The perfect tune for Friday night. Warner case flips  Matveï’s “Regreso” and gives the track a slightly different flavour.

With its upbeat and groovy atmosphere, the remix is the perfect kind of transition between having a cocktail in your hand and having your hands up in the air, while trying out the dancefloor for the first time this evening.

The song comes with the announcement for Matveï’s new EP SEASONS (REMIXES). Here is what warner case shares about his contribution to the EP:

My “Regreso” remix is a pure remix, and I'm very proud of it. Its main elements are all from the original song and barely affected; I added nothing melodic whatsoever. I simply recontextualized the beauty that was already there to bring a whole new energy and feeling; listen closely to the original and you'll hear my remix.It works as a symbol of optimism: you choose how to see your world.

posted by Nora
August 2021