A long-awaited return that was worth it.

Mazoulew makes the first step towards his new upcoming highly anticipated E, thanks to a mindful downtempo-meets-electronica single titled "Invisible Man". I've known Matthew for a number of years and I know he's the kind of artist that once ready with a composition, will be polished to the latest detail. "Invisible Man" solidifies my impressions of him.

The track builds on a rather nostalgic feeling, perhaps because of the beautiful strings which are a pivotal part of the song, but there are parts where it oscillates towards a more empowering feeling.

He elaborates, "...I feel now more than ever it’s easy to become lost in the background noise of the world we live in… having your community is important, and building connections with others is equally so.

Stay tuned for what's ahead of Mazoulew.

posted by Ivo
February 2024