Straight out of Minnesota, Megan Hamilton is turning up the notch on a few dimensions. Not just a producer herself, but also samples her own vocals and throws them into tunes ranging from Ghetto Funk to Future Bass to straight-up Beats. "Night & Day" is off of her recent work with The Bermudas band entitled Photosynthetic -- a multi-genre album built by creatively mixing instrumental and vocal samples.

This track stands out off of Photosyntheic for its sweet, late-night jam feel delivering a powerful, yet mellow vibe. This album is quite diverse in genres, so make sure to check it out more of it (download link at the top)  Music like this is a case for how instrumentals and electronic production fit so well together.

For something a bit different off of Photosynthetic, check out this funk'd up tune with one of the coolest names I've seen in a minute:

posted by Mike
July 2017