Two of the finest gentlemen in the jazzhop realm got together and the result is something utterly beautiful.

Our dear Metic & Alberto Droguett crafter "Threads of Oblivion" for another release via Stereofox, and their first joint one. Alberto’s smooth jazz touch meets Metic’s groovy production and slick guitars for the perfect fusion of boom bap, jazz & chilled beats. If you're wondering about the peculiar title, Alberto elaborates:

“Threads of Oblivion” is about the force of nature, or call it reality, to make things evolve and move on — I imagined this force being oblivion, with its threads wrapping itself around things ready to be forgotten but reborn in new ways, perhaps reaching the state of being ‘immortal’. A physical human-derived example could be Coltrane’s albums, art in all of its forms. And beyond, perhaps the creation of a star from nothingness or its end as a new beginning after a supernova. These are the threads of oblivion, the arms of an invisible mother, so to speak!

Lush brass, soulful samples, boom-bap drum groove, and warm guitars. What more can we ask for? Stream on your favourite platform here.

posted by Nasko
May 2022